Friday, August 4, 2017


In my countless sleepless night I always have a lot of  thought.
My tought about what I feel about my own feeling.

My thought about a lot problem and my perspective to see that problem from another side.
Sometimes I can’t sleep because I have a lot of thought and become overthinking.
I have to do something to release what I’ve been thinking of because this overthinking can kill me slowly.
So here I am, with my own blog, my own story and my own way thinking about something.
Another reason I make blog is I have a lot of interest in fashion, so be prepared for a lot of post about clothes, shoes, sunglasses, hat, and bag.
So, this is my first post in this blog.
I hope you can enjoy my blogpost in the future.
Thank you
Sincerely, Muh Rizki Abd Gani

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