Sunday, April 29, 2018

Best Friend - Now and Forever inspired by Amrazing

I open my twitter’s timeline and I see @Amrazing tweet about his blogpost “Best Friend – Now and Forever?” and I read it.
In that blogpost, there is a quote “ It’s kinda funny. A person who was once your best friend became an almost total stranger to you.

What went wrong?”
Damn, this quote really hits me hard
Funny, isn’t it? The one you know the most became an almost total stranger
The only one that make that people became total stranger is memories that we had.
We only have memories, but our relationship is not like we used to be.
Funny but it’s kinda sad too.
Sad because that people become “somebody  that used to know”
What went wrong with us?
Is it me?
Or is it you?
Or the situation that went wrong?
Or maybe we don’t realize that we constantly change?
So everything can’t be like the past.
In life, we gain something but we miss something.
Maybe you have to let something out of your life to allow something new in.
And this is me, letting you became an almost total stranger because life must go on.
This is me, appreciated and respected your choice in life.
My past is already filed with you but I’m not sure you will fill my future.

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