Monday, July 1, 2019

How to wear knee high boots in summer

Hello, lovely people!!! This time i want to share about how to wear knee high boots in summer. Knee high boots is a type of shoes that people use mainly on fall and winter but after read this post i hope you can considering to wear it on summer.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Black for Summer part 3

Hello, lovely people!!! This is the last part of black for summer (You can read part 1 here & part 2 here). This post is another post to give you some inspiration to wear black in summer besides dress and see through. Hope this post caoun help you to decide what kind of outfit you will wear in summer :D

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Black for Summer Part 2,See Through

Hello, lovely people!!! This is the second part of Black for summer (read part one here). If you want to wear black in summer but want to avoid the heat. wear see through clothes in black. This see through clothes can make you feel the breeze in the summer but still in black. Lace, crochet and another see through material is perfect to wear in summer. Also, the see through black clothes you can re-use to layering in fall, spring and weather. Here is the inspiration to wear see through in black in summer. Hope it can help you to decide wear black in summer.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Black for Summer part 1, Dress!

Hello, lovely people!!! It’s been a long time since I wrote a blogpost, I’ve been busy with life. But I will try hard to post regularly. The fact summer is coming very soon and I want to post something different. Wearing BLACK for summer,because why not? I will write 3 part, so see you very soon.

Monday, December 31, 2018

My Wishlist on 2018 Review

  •  Get a job (i made my own job)
  • Change my hair color (still waiting for the right time)
  •  Buy new handphone with my own money (Failed! My mother bought me one)
  •  Clean my face before sleep every single day (Failed! i already experienced 4 days without cleansing my face)
  • Put hand cream often (Failed! I still have 3 bottle of hand cream from last year. Thank God they have don't expired)
  • Put suncream every single day (Failed! same case with clean my face before sleep)
  • Exercise more often (Right now shopping is my job and my exercise)
  • Swim once in a week (I don't live in my hometown anymore)
  • Put sheet mask once in a week (Still don't have income that enough to buy sheet mask once in a week)
  • More active on social media (Failed! On Instagram i just post 12 times)
  • Constantly post on blog (Failed of course)
  • Spend a lot of quality time with family and friends (with family yes but with friends definitely not)
  • Take photo more often (Failed! i still have my 8GB memory card)
  • Finished one coloring book (Failed! I don't finish any coloring book that i have)
  • Buy a new bed (My mother bought me one)
  • Buy a mirrorless camera (Still don't have any income)
  • Try online shopping (Maybe next year)
  • Try to buy thrift clothes from thrift shop on instagram (Too pricey from my perspective)
  • Visit new place (New Mall counts, right?)
  • Attend concert (Totally Failed)
  • Re-decorate my room (Done! )

Monday, December 3, 2018

Fashion Trend for 2019 is WHITE! Part 1

Hello, lovely people! Finally i can fulfill my promise write about white as a big trend in 2019. When i think about white, the image of innocence, clean and pure is the top 3 in my head. But also,  number 4 is high maintenance and number 5 is Korean Idol because Korean Idol often used color white as the theme of their concept. White is a part of basic color and almost everyone have at least one white clothes but white makes a huge comeback in 2019 Spring Summer Collection. Here is the summary of white color in runway!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Combination of blue and green, why not?

 Hello, lovely people! Actually the thought of combination of green and blue is not a bad combination at all is already going through my mind since quite a long time ago. But after spent some time to searching a few photo to prove idea, finally i can post about this great color combination and provide some proof. I just want to make you realize that green and blue is a great combination and i hope you start to considering to combine this two great color in real life.

Givenchy 2019 Spring Ready To Wear
Source of photo :

Cushnie 2019 Spring Ready to Wear
Source of photo :

this is a few photo of outfit that i take from lookbook to prove that blue and green is already a great combination

Blue and green check shirt and blue skirt

This is how you do color block!

Love the tropical print in blue and green

blue printed shirt and green printed skirt? why not? Complete the outfit with red bag and red shoes

Blue and green works for men too you know

How to wear knee high boots in summer

Hello, lovely people!!! This time i want to share about how to wear knee high boots in summer. Knee high boots is a type of shoes that peopl...