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24 December 2012

24 December 2012
I'm updating my facebook status with this quote : 

''i miss u, can't i? i mean the old you, not the new update version of you with the touch of no honesty between us"

One of My Best Friend Commented : I miss old us..
Me : yeah, i miss "us" too
Her : Us, the time when i was with "u"
Me : Don't forget, there is "u" in "us"
Her : There isn't "u", there is no "us"
Me : Can't agree no more with you

Sometimes i wonder
Why another people have to change?
Because of pain?
You've changed
And because you're changed there is a distance between us
A distance that make me sure you're not the same person i used to know.
Maybe you've changed your opinions about the concept of "honesty"

P.s : Thank you facebook for remind me about what i wrote in the past

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