Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dear single woman, read this!!!

Well said Samantha Jones
Sometimes I wonder about this too you know
“why are women obsessed about getting married?

Maybe because they feel jealous see another women friend married already?
Maybe because they feel jealous see another women friend who already married inseparable with their husband?
Maybe because they feel jealous about pregnancy and all the attention when woman get pregnant?
Or maybe they just want to end their “adventure” in love?
Or maybe because “society” pressured them to get married when they still young?
This is for all women that want to get married
Married is not about how fast you can get “married”
Married is about how you can manage stay in “marriage”
You want a one lifetime partner
The one that “Till death do us part”
So there is no need to rush
Take it slowly
Great things needs time you know
Don’t start dating and pressured your date partner with ”let’s get married after six months”
Take it slowly
If you tired of dating maybe it’s time to save yourself from wrong love and wrong person
Save yourself and keep upgrade yourself
Maybe in that way you can find someone exactly what you need
Take a reflection and try to thinking from another side
Be someone that when you think from your lifetime partner side “this is the one that I want to married”
There is a time for everything
And of course I believe there is  “time to get married”
Maybe not now, but maybe later.
Maybe your fate is “save the best for the last”

When “the last” come, you are ready for it.

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