Monday, August 14, 2017

It’s better coloring an adult coloring book than coloring someone’s relationship

That’s my answer when people around me ask why you coloring. I mean it, it’s better to sit down and coloring an adult coloring book than flirting with someone’s lover in real life or in social media.

My interest in coloring started when I was bored to see a screen of laptop and handphone. I want to do something that not involved screen, wifi or mobile data and charger. I want to do something that unleash my creative side. At that time I still watch K-variety, and I watch Girl’s Generation variety show. The moment I see Taeyeon is so immersed with her coloring book and pencil, I decided coloring as my new hobby. Not only Taeyeon, one of my friend wanda darsono also coloring and she bring the coloring book and her Faber Castell Connector pen almost everywhere. When we got to dinner together, when everyone is busy to see their screen handphone I see wanda is very immersed with her coloring book. That is the moment I start to questioning her about coloring book and the conector pen like how much the price of that book, where can I buy that coloring book, and how much color that available in Faber Castell Connector Pens. At that time I remember it’s almost my birthday, then suddenly I think “why I don’t give myself a birthday present for myself?”.
So I decided to buy coloring book, but unfortunately in Makassar all the books store I have visited don’t have coloring book for adults. It’s sold out everywhere (I think that’s when coloring become a trend). I want the same book that wanda have, My Own World Part 1 (Human & Animal Edition) Coloring Book for Adults by Khalezza & Tria N.

The book that I want is not available in Makassar so I have to ask my friends in Jakarta to buy it and to reduce transportation cost I told her to give that book to another friend who want to fly back to makassar.
The next step is the Faber Castell connector pen, when I visited the almost every bookstore that have possibility coloring book for adults is available I visited stationery section too. The reason I visited stationery section is I want to see how much colour Faber Castell connector pen have (highest number of colour in Faber Castell connector pen is 60) and the price too (of course I’m looking for the cheapest). In the end, I went to Agung (The biggest stationery store in Makassar) and I found the cheapest price for 60 Faber Castell connector pen.

This is the first page that I coloring, I literally put every single color that available in Faber Castell connector pen. At that time I just want to try all the color, and the result is so abstract ahahahahah

What I feel after I coloring this first page I feel like addicted. It’s a whole new world, a new world without rules. Everything is under my control, everything is according to what I want. There is no rules like you have to color sky with blue or color the leaves with green. It’s time to be creative and make my brain think what color I should use next. Coloring is something that make you really focus and forget the time. Coloring is something that make you relieve the stress because when you coloring you’re not thinking about something else. First week when I started coloring I bring the coloring book and Faber Castell connector almost everywhere, I bring it inside my bag when I go to college, even when I go to culinary festival I bring it just in case I have to waiting for a long time for the food arrived. I’ve found my new hobby that make stress go away and spending my time with quality. I’ve found new hobby that don’t require a screen and the result is something I can see in front of my eyes. 

*All this photo is taken & edited by Me*

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