Saturday, August 19, 2017

dear friend's, thank you

As long as time goes by I forgot my friend’s behaviour
Maybe when we apart, new memories take place of old memories

Lucky? Good Fate? Bad Fate? Or Miracle?

The equation of Lucky (of things I need)
Lucky = Things I need + I visited the store at right time + I already have money for buy that things.
I considering lucky is when i found that the things I need is on discount. I visited the store at the right time and I already prepare money for that things.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Family = Priority

This is my conversation with my friend
Friends : I hate my relationship now with my boyfriend
Me : Why?
Friend : he treated me like his second option
Me : who is the first option?

Made your own apologize

when people in a relationship fought they don’t communicate each other.
They don’t call, text, chat, even they don’t meet face to face.
but sometimes women make it more difficult when they cut all the possible way for men to say I’m sorry.

Shoes is more than shoes

Ordinary people maybe think shoes it’s something that cover the feet when they walk.
But for me it’s more than that.

Back to my old lover, is this my fault?

I have “ fear” to fall in love with someone new
Or I just feel lazy to love someone from the start again?

Lover as a key of your “normal behavior”

From my teens and never stop from that age until now  I see and I feel something about “the norm of behavior if you are in relationship“
sometimes a lover (in this case boyfriend or girlfriend whatever your sex orientation) I see a lot of people change the way they behave from normal became abnormal.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Gucci Belt

I'm a big fan of Gucci
Altough i can't afford it, i still love Gucci


Welcome to the new era
Your friends slowly one by one get a job but you still don’t know what will you do with your life.


I love to see sunset

Even its mean that the day is over and the night is come 

When the sun decide to rest and let the darkness embrace the world


In my countless sleepless night I always have a lot of  thought.
My tought about what I feel about my own feeling.

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