Friday, August 4, 2017


Welcome to the new era
Your friends slowly one by one get a job but you still don’t know what will you do with your life.

Well I try to get a job, but get a job these days is not easy as flip your hand.
Every time I get up from sleep, I have to think “what will I do today?”
Open social media hope there is a friend posting about an announcement some company “We’re Hiring” but the qualifications is not too hard so I can passed.
So for everyone who have a job, please be thankfull. At least you have something to do and make income.
I hope when I wake up in the morning I have something to do and not extend my sleep time.
Sometimes I sleep too much and my body is tired because I don’t have anything to do except stay in the room.
Stay inside the room which mean I have to do something that make me stay in the room and distract my attention to come out the room.
Watching K-Drama? I watch “Secret Garden” countless time till I know which episode and when is my favorite character say my favorite lines
Watching K-Variety? I watch “Running Man” from Gary and Song Joongki still exist in that program and I still watching even they quit.
I hope I have reason for come out from my room and do something.
The only reason that I found reasonable to come out is to buy food, because I can’t starve myself.
But to buy food need money and I feel guilty spend money that come from my mother
You can’t expect people stay inside the room for three days in a row, people have to come out from room at least to see the sun.
Get out from my room and go to place where i can see a lot of people like mall, well it cost too.
The transportation, sometimes I walk home for 2 reason. First reduce transportation cost  and second it’s my cardio .
Food? I go to food court because the cheapest food in the mall is there.
I feel guilty to ask money from my mother.
I have to get a job to pay all my expenses
Should I go back to my hometown?
This option is the best I think.
Go back to the town where people that I love live in there.
In my hometown, everything is almost perfect.
I get free wifi and the cost of food is cheaper.
I will spend my time with my family and my friends.
I will invest my time to people who worth it.
Maybe it’s time to leave the crowd in this big city.

Even when I leave this city I gonna miss this city so much.

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