Friday, August 4, 2017

Gucci Belt

I'm a big fan of Gucci
Altough i can't afford it, i still love Gucci

Whenever i online with my laptop, i always open Gucci Internasional Site
As always,i open every section of the website.
Men, women, kids.
Clothes,bag, accesories, and SHOES (❤❤❤)
But this time i wanna talk about belt
If you want something different from Iconic leather belt with Double G buckle here is the list of belt i suggest that available in Gucci

  First, this is Light leather belt with tiger head buckle. Black belt with kind a like "U" shape with tiger head in the end of the buckle and i think it's from silver. I considering combination of black and silver = timeless piece. By the way, i check Gucci international website recently and this item it's not in the belt section anymore (i hope this item not sold out).This belt is like one of a kind because it's rare to see belt with kind a like "U" shape with the iconic tiger head from Gucci

 Second, this is leather belt with snake buckle. Alessandro Michele it's genius, after bring snake embroidered in classic GG supreme in bags and shoes he bring snake complete with the detail of the real snake skin in belt buckle. And for me, i considering it's iconic. i ❤ the combination of black and gold (it's timeless, you know) plus the snake buckle it's really genius idea. (By the way,it's still available on Gucci Internasional Site)

 And the last one it's leather belt Double G buckle with snake in cuir color leather. This one it's first option if you to choose iconic leather belt Double with different detail. If you want to choose something that not to mainstream, i recomended this one. This belt have the same shape with the iconic  leather Double G buckle but the one of G in the buckle it's snake complete with the head and the texture of the skin. The factor plus of this belt is the color of the leather, it's brown and you know the fact that brown is basic color that everyone can wear. This belt it's still available on Gucci International Site

I wish i have a lot money , so i can buy all these things.
So what is your favorite?

Source of Photo : Gucci Ofificial Site

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