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06122017 Fashion Item Diary : Monsieur Jerome Part 1

Hello lovely people. This time i want to write another fashion item diary, but this time i want to write about fashion item that attract my attention when i read Monsieur Jerome. Actually I just follow Monsieur Jerome account on instagram in the early December 2017, but when i open the profile i see they have website so i just click the link and finally in love with the website. The website is totally my style, full with fashion for men. So i can't help myself to add them on my reading list and start reading diligently. After read i few post, i decide to save the picture of fashion item that i like and make a blog post about the reason i like that fashion item. Let's start!!!
I read the article about CHINATOWN MARKET(you can read it here). There is a few fashion item that come out like t-shirt with downtown NY iconic logo but my favorite is this two

i really love hoodie. it's comfortable and my favorite part from hoodie is the part that cover your hair (the hood). For me, i really like hoodie with statement (embroidery, big label, cute cartoon character) and when i see this piece i totally fall in love. Little rose in the chest and big rose on the back,complete with "THANK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY". If i work in costumer service i want to wear this and show it to my customer to appreciate them.

The second item is black bomber jacket with rose embroidery in the each side of chest. Actually rose is a great object to fashion industry. Red, beautiful, but with strength. Especially when you combine black piece with some red it will be a great combination. that's why i really like this piece.

Next i read post about London Fashion Week Men Fall Winter 17 (you can read it here) and the only one item that i like is this one.

Multi color jacket from Christopher Shannon. I really love statement pieces, something bold and have a lot of color. So this item it's totally my style, combination pale orange, black, white and dark blue. Another reason to love this item is the patch style, the style that make you wondering if they make the jacket from a few different color of fabric and sew it.

Next i read about the post about DOUBLE RAINBOUU (you can read it here) and this is a few item i like (actually i like almost of them,except the shorts).

Prints and bright color is a great combination and totally my style. Combination between brick color and some electric blue as a leopard print make this piece really great. 

Get bored enough with floral print shirt? What about the leaf print in shirt? This shirt is a really good pieces because the combination of bright color and leaf prints. 

Another version of leaf print shirt.  Dark color shirt look so unusual with bright color leaves print. It can be a good statement pieces.

Who said combination of pink and yellow is not good? A pink shirt with yellow jellyfish print can prove that pink and yellow is good when they together. Double bright color, double of fun isn’t it?

The reason I like this shirt because the combination between bright color and animal print. Electric blue color and purple zebra print. It’s a good statement shirt, I mean it’s a rare chance you can find unusual color shirt with animal print like this right?

The last post (for this part) i read is post about UNIQLO + KAWS (you can read it here) and this is four item that i like from this collaboration.

I have a soft side for fashion item with cartoon character, that explain why i like this item. Black sweater with Snoopy ride skateboard in the chest. It's very cute and i want the size that larger from my body so i can wear it comfortably.

This the oppsite from the item above, a white sweater with black snoopy in the chest. Actually i don't really like white color on clothes because white color need a high maintenance. But for a cute snoopy sweater i will make an exception. 


The reason i like t-shirt with cartoon character is they make me remember about how happy my childhood is (who's with me?). i like this item totally, basic item with snoopy in the chest as the point.

Hoodie lover, raise your hands! this is the only one black hoodie version from this collaboration. The black one and long sleeves with snoopy in the chest. Now you understand why i like this item (this hoodie is available in white version too).

By the way when i'm writing this post i play and repeat BLACKPINK - SO HOT (THEBLACKLABEL REMIX) countlessly

So this is the first part of the fashion item that i found when read Monsieur Jerome website. Actually i read too much post and save a lot of picture of fashion item that attract my attention, so i made them into 2 part. I don't really want to make my blogpost too long so you can feel bored when you read it. See you at Monsieur Jerome part 2!

Source of photo : Monsieur Jerome Official Website

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