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06122017 Fashion Item Diary : Monsieur Jerome Part 2

Hello lovely people, this time i will continue about my fashion item diary Monsieur Jerome. So this time i want to post about fashion item that attract my attention when i read Monsieur Jerome website (Actually i like a lot of item so i make it 2 part, you can read part 1 here). Let's start!!!

First i read post about Monsieur Jerome +: TOMORROWLAND By Landon Speers. Monsieur Jerome himself take photos wearing TOMORROWLAND captured by Landon Speers (you can read it here)

Tricolor shirt, shirt that have three color. The sleeves have different fabric with the front part, if you see it closely the sleeves and collar part stripes. see the picture below to see the details.

Stripes!!! i like stripes, it's a classic and basic pieces that people need in their closet. But if you bored with vertical and diagonal stripes, you should try a bold stripes like this shirt. Stripes shirt with different thickness of stripes. Extraordinary!!! 

Another tricolor piece, but this time a sweater. A statement pieces that consist of three color that looks good together (yellow, white and dark blue). A statement pieces will look good if you combine with basic pieces like dark jeans but Monsieur Jerome make it festive with big vertical stripes pants.

I also read post about TOMORROWLAND SS17 (you can read it here) and see a few pieces that don't include in Monsieur Jerome photo shoot above. So this two pieces is my favorite

Another tricolor sweater, but with cool green tone, white and black. A rare tricolor pieces.

Denim shirt  two different tone denim with blue and white color. The white and blue part in this shirt like some patches from different fabric and they just combine it with two different denim tone. The result is extraordinary denim pieces that can be a statement pieces.

The next post i read at Monsieur Jerome is BACKSTAGE LANDLORD SS18 (You can read it here) and this is the pieces that i like

I really like fashion item with witty words. That's explain why i like this piece, fashion is a serious business you know.

I like plaids, i like camouflage. Plaids + camouflage = A very bold statement pieces and of course i love this piece totally.

I love bright color and i love camouflage. This is an great example how good combination bright color when they mix in camouflage print. Pink, yellow, black and green in camouflage is superb and extraordinary!

Another great example of bright color look really great in camouflage. Pink, pale turquoise, nude and black look good together in camouflage and obviously great statement pieces.

The last post i read is about PINK item for Spring (you can read it here) and this two is my favorite

 I don't afraid wear pink, why you have to afraid wear pink? Why you have to afraid wear certain color can make another people questioned about your masculinity? Life is too short to spend your time thinking about another people opinion. Just wear it! This pink denim jacket is totally my style, actually i wish i have it. So i can prove men can look good on pink too. By the way this jacket is from  CMMN SWDN.

I like animal prints and actually one of my wishlist on fashion is have one leopard item. But only Michael Kors can make a leopard print and pink combination really great with some black and yellow. so i totally LOVE this Lenny Slim Fit Button Down Collar Leopard Print Cotton Shirt!

This is the end of my fashion item diary, i will make similar post like this in the future. I will post about fashion item that attract my attention and explain why i like that item. I will write a special post for shoes that i read on Monsieur Jerome website. See you at next post lovely people 

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