Thursday, January 11, 2018

Outfit Diary : Red & Yellow Door

Hello lovely people! Today i'm back with my outfit diary, i'm gonna explain about the outfit that i wore when i go to Mall Ratu Indah Makassar and take a photo of outfit of the day in front this unusual red and yellow door. I already post this outfit on lookbook so you can see it here or you can go to lookbook page at the right side of my blog

So this photo is taken when i visited Mall  Ratu Indah with my friends and thankfully when i say i want to take an outfit photo in front of this red and yellow door they say yes. This photo is taken on 2015 but 'm gonna post it anyway.

Let's talk the dark blue long sleeves t-shirt. i remember i buy this when i go to Pare-Pare night market with my friends. Pare-pare is a district in South Sulawesi and takes 3 hours of driving from Makassar. The night market is famous market that sell a lot of second and vintage stuff from clothes, bag, and shoes. So i buy it from a sale section, like 5000 IDR for one piece. At first, i just thought it's a good item, long sleeves that very comfortable if i wear it to sleep or when rainy days. i didn't know Supreme will be a famous brand in 2017. But this item is an imitation, there is only "supreme label" in the chest and a red tag "made in new york" at the right side, on the outside part. But i still love this item. The long sleeves have perfect length, right on my hand (you can see on the picture the length is longer than a normal long sleeves t-shirt) and i still use it very well till  these days for layering item or i wear it when sleep on rainy days.

The black short pants, actually is a plaid black shorts. The plaid is small that you have to look it closely to see it. This is an item that i bought in Mandai market, a market near the Sultan Hasanuddin Airport and they have special thrift shop area so that area is full with thrift shop. i buy it 15.000 IDR (a litlle bit more than 1 dollar). this pants have perfect fit that i want, the length perfectly above my knee and it's black. So this item is one of my basic item and i wear it a lot.

The red beanie, i forgot where and how much i buy it. If my memory remember correctly, i buy it on Strawberry or Naughty. Naughty and Strawberry is a shop that sell girl's accesories. Earing, bracelet, hairband, and of course there is hat. as long as i can remember i buy this at 30.000 IDR. At that time one of my fashion goals is have beanie hat, and i see this red beanie is a good item. At that time i don't have any red item, so i just buy it. I'm still wearing this red beanie very well.

The shoes, the white and blue rubber shoes. I really love rubber shoes, rubber shoes is really great companion when rainy days. You don't have to worry about you shoes getting wet on the rainy days when you wear rubber shoes. This shoes is from New Era (shoes brand from Indonesia), and if you look closely it's the cheap version of Crocs rubber boat shoes. Actually i love Crocs and i hope someday i can afford it, but sadly Crocs don't have my size (the 39/40 size is the smallest size and it's kind of big in my feet). Let's talk about this rubber shoes again, i buy it at shoes shop near my house and the price like 80.000 - 90.000 IDR. it's cheap right? it's cheap and i use it very well especially in rainy days. i buy this when i go back for holiday in my hometown, I use this shoes very well since then. I use it very well so i buy another of this shoes next year when i go back to my hometown. (Yes  have two of this shoes).

In the picture, the bag is not too visible because i wear it on my side. The bag is a sling bag,yellow with black and red words. I buy it at the same time when i buy the long sleeves t-shirt, in Pare-pare. At first i kind of hesitate to buy this bag but i already see it and then my friend who came shopping together with me show it and say "this bag is so you, buy it. if you don't buy it i will buy it". So i buy it and don't regret it because i don't have any sling bag. Sling bag that i use very well because it's my favorite color. Sometimes when i think my outfit is too plain i will wear this bag as a point of my outfit. Price of this bag is 25.000 IDR and i still use it very well now.

So this is my third outfit diary, actually i'm digging my old folder to see if there is outfit photo i take on the past and digging my closet to check if i still have the clothes so i can take a flatlay photo and show to you guys. i hope you enjoy this post and see you at next post.

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