Monday, January 15, 2018

Outfit Diary : Turquoise & Black

Hello lovely people! So today is the day that my outfit diary post making a come back. I've been through all my photo in my hand phone and i have quite a lot of outfit of the day photo (mirror selfie or somebody else take a photo of me). So i'm gonna post it about my outfit diary to look back my outfit and how much my wardrobe grown.

This photo is taken by @madhina_arsan when we go to Trans Studio Mall when we still live in Makassar. It's probably taken at 2015 ahahahahah

Let's talk about the turquoise shirt. This turquoise shirt i buy at Carrefour Panakukkang Square Makassar. Of course this shirt on sale, as long as i can remember this shirt price is not more than 40.000 IDR (4 $). So i buy two at once, but in different color. There is a few of color available but i choose the turquoise and the orange one. But, reality hit me very hard when i try to wash this shirt. It's faded, the faded is so severe. There is a part that have the same color but the another part is totally faded and the color of water is totally change (the exact turquoise on the sea color). Thankfully i wash it manually (with hands) and not give the shirt to the laundry service. If i give it to laundry service i swear it would be a disaster. So i have to say goodbye to this shirt and make it a wiper. The orange one, i give it to my mother so my mother can give it to someone else.

The black jeans is the jeans that i exchange with my nephew, it's kind of big for my waist so it completely perfect for her so she give me her old jeans but from the same brand. It's from Logo by the way. The black lego watch is already broken, so i can't wear it any more. The black lego watch that i wear a lot so i have to say goodbye to it because it's rusty and when i bring it to repair clock man he can't repair it.

The conclusion is the most of item i wear in this photo is not in my closet anymore. Two things that remains in my closet is the Converse black high top and black small messenger bag from Reebok.

sorry for the dirty converse, it's been awhile since the last time i clean it.

This is the story behind of my Converse black high top. It's my second pair, my first pair i got from my cousin (hand down). My first pair is in artistic state, there is a hole that shows your socks and a few of scratches that make it so artsy. I get a few compliments when i wear it, so i really really love that shoes. But it's a hand down and my cousin already wear it a lot so it don't last long. i only wear it like 3-4 months and i have to say goodbye to it. My second pair i bought when i still live in Makassar,i buy it at Sports Station and *drumroll* it's buy one get one free. The promotion is you have to buy something at original price and you can get an item that have same price or cheaper. i don't want to lose this chance and as a smart customer i will get an item that have same price. So i buy this and the free item is same high top converse but in red color.

The black small messenger bag from Reebok. I buy this bag at Sport Station too and of course this bag on discount. Not 50% discount but 30% or 40% (if i remember it right) and there is only one item so i have to buy it. I wear this bag a lot, i wear it a lot until the "REEBOOK" part in the outside is detached one by one and make it pure black small messenger.

So this is another post of my outfit diary, hope you can enjoy it and see you at the next post!

P.s : Already post this outfit at Lookbook, you can see it here

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