Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Review : Doodle Kingdom

Hello, lovely people. This time I want to review a coloring book. For this post I write about my opinion about the coloring book, what I like and dislike from this coloring book, the price, the quality and etc. The first coloring book I want to  review is “Doodle Kingdom”

Doodle Kingdom is a second coloring book from Asrika Vitawati . Asrika Vitawati is writer and illustrator from Indonesia. Her  first coloring book is “Doodle Land” and already published in Indonesia and Philipines.

Let’s start the review

First, the title is already explain what kind of drawing you can color in this book. Yeah, doodle. This book is doodle style coloring book. This book contain 30 pages of doodle pictures you can color. This book is one sided page, there is one drawing in one side of page. The other page only have small drawing and contain the direction how to color the next page (usually I don’t read it and I just  coloring the book  the way I want). The paper of this book have average quality, not too thick so when i coloring use markers the paper easily bleeding.

I really love doodles, it’s cute because it’s similar with cartoon character and the proper way to color doodle is coloring them with bright color. I really like unleash my colorful side in the picture, it’s just like coloring cartoon character with your own way. I have a freedom  to choose what kind of color I want to put in.

I buy this book at Graha Media at Makassar Town Square when I still live in Makassar and the price is 62.000 IDR (P.s : I buy it without discount) . Actually the price in Graha Media is cheaper than Gramedia. The price Doodle Land (Asrika Vitawati's first book) in Gramedia is like 93000 IDR. Sometimes I wondering “why different bookstore sell the same book with different price?”.

This a part I don’t like about this book. I buy it full price and wrapped in plastic. But when I opened this book there is water stain in the upper right side of the book.

Can you see the water stain? It’s kind of distracting at first because the water stain so visible. The water stain is not very visible in the cover but very visible in the first page and it’s continue to a few  coloring page. But when I opened the a few of next page the water stain is less than the first one. But the water stain still make the coloring not too good to see because the water stain is still visible even when you coloring the water stain part.

I usually use markers to coloring this book. the one sided page is perfect for using markers because when I coloring use markers the next page can be a victim from bleeding markers. So I really like there is only one side that have drawing so if the markers bleeding I don’t have to worry about the drawing on next side.

This is a few picture from this book that I already give some color (I still in amateur phase so excuse my poor coloring)

I almost forget about this, when I buy this book , there is a sticker inside. A “Doodle Kingdom” sticker, the sticker have same design with the cover but in small size.  i use it as bookmark when I read sometimes.

So this is my very first coloring book review. I will post some review in the future not only about coloring so please wait for it. Thank you for read this blogpost and see you at next blogpost.

*All this photo in this taken & edited by Me*

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