Monday, January 1, 2018

Wishlist in 2018

My Wishlist on 2018:

  •  Get a job
  • Change my hair color
  •  Buy new handphone with my own money
  •  Clean my face before sleep every single day
  • Put hand cream often
  • Put suncream every single day
  • Exercise more often
  • Swim once in a week
  • Put sheet mask once in a week
  • More active on social media
  • Constantly post on blog
  • Spend a lot of quality time with family and friends
  • Take photo more often
  • Finished one coloring book
  • Buy a new bed
  • Buy a mirrorless camera
  • Try online shopping
  • Try to buy thrift clothes from thrift shop on instagram
  • Visit new place
  • Attend concert
  • Re-decorate my room

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