Wednesday, December 27, 2017

There is nothing wrong with attend your friend’s wedding

There is nothing wrong with attend your friend’s wedding
For your friends and their partner, it’s a happy day
And your present in the wedding is a sign that you happy for them too
You have time and chance
Why not?

It’s the first time in your friend’s life getting married
The moment that can’t be repeated
In the happiest day in her/his life, you come and see them directly
Say “Congratulations, I’m happy for you” or “You look so beautiful/handsome tonight”
A little unusual compliment for your friend’s won’t kill you immediately
In the greatest day in their life, you are inside that memory
Spend time with them
In that day, you cannot help yourself but feeling happy because your friend’s getting married
In their happiest day, you were there and praying for the best for their marriage
Sometimes you have to attend your friend’s wedding to make them remember you still alive
Remind them that you still breathing and give time to congratulate their decisions
In your friend’s wedding, why you don’t see it as an opportunity to do a little reunion with another friends?
Meet and chat with your “long time no see you in real life but I always watch your updates in social media” friends
Friend’s that busy with their life and work
And chances to meet them is rare
Take a picture with them, just in case you will never see them again
Upload it on social media, make it digital trace
So when you miss them you can remember and see when the last time you meet with them.

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