Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lover as a key of your “normal behavior”

From my teens and never stop from that age until now  I see and I feel something about “the norm of behavior if you are in relationship“
sometimes a lover (in this case boyfriend or girlfriend whatever your sex orientation) I see a lot of people change the way they behave from normal became abnormal.

From someone extrovert became introvert
From someone who likes to smile in front a lot of people became silent when meet people
People change 180°
I just wondering
Are you trying to control your image or you don’t want to show the real version of yourself in front of your lover?
Are you afraid when you show your normal behavior your lover will be ashamed?
Or even worse are you afraid when you show your normal behavior your lover will left you?
Or this is the fault of hormones who make you confused about the way you behave?
Why when you have a lover you have to lose yourself?
Why when you have a lover you don’t act like your normal behavior?
Why when you have a lover you have lock the real version inside and release the fake outside?
Are you trying to make someone fall in love with personality you don’t have?
Are you trying to be someone with double personality?
Are you trying to love someone with a mask in your face?
The reason why you have to lose yourself because you have a “lover” ?
Key of the your “normal behavior” is your lover?
So when you don’t have a lover you lose the reason  to behave like normal?
Why you don’t become yourself and let the lover came because they fall in love in your normal personality?
Why you have to be perfect in front of your lover?
Your lover is a human too you know
They must be understand if you have lack of something.
Just show the real you.

Just show the “imperfect  version” of you.

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