Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Shoes is more than shoes

Ordinary people maybe think shoes it’s something that cover the feet when they walk.
But for me it’s more than that.

For me, shoes it’s my guilty pleasure.
Sometimes I feel guilty to spend my money but when I think that money it’s change to something that protect my feet, I feel a pleasure.
For me, shoes can be my statement
It’s represent you and your vision.
For me, shoes can be source of jealousy.
Shoes can be something that make people jealous because you can buy and wear them.
For me, shoes can be something that makes me satisfied.
i love to see them in my own feet and I feel satisfied because I give what my feet deserve.
For me, shoes can be investment.
Buy some shoes with good quality and change them every single day, believe it will last longer.
For me, shoes can be a weapon when people judge you.
When they look at you from head to toe, inside my head I can think “I already wear what makes me feels good, I don’t care about what you think”
For me, shoes can be a source of strength.
Because I have to stand strong with my own feet,I already give what my feet deserve and it give me strength.
What you put on your feet is represent who you are
It’s not about fashion
It’s not about the brand
It’s not about the price
It’s about the satisfied feeling

Source of photo : Converse Official Site

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