Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Made your own apologize

when people in a relationship fought they don’t communicate each other.
They don’t call, text, chat, even they don’t meet face to face.
but sometimes women make it more difficult when they cut all the possible way for men to say I’m sorry.

When men calls, women don’t pick up.
When men text,  women don’t reply.
When men chat, the only one change is the “read” notification and there is no reply.
Even worse when men try to talk face to face women try to avoid with a reason  like “I’m busy, I’m not in the mood to see your face, I don’t want to fight in public,etc”.
And men is getting frustrated because women don’t give a chance to say “I’m sorry” or “this is my fault”.
So here is the advice for you who don’t get  chance to say sorry
First put “an effort”  and second is “be creative”
Let me explain, effort in this case  is women like to see how men try so hard to give an apology. Just like you have to enter the house with locked door and you don’t have the key and there is nobody inside the home, you have to try hard to get into the house. It’s up to you if you want to enter the house by jump in to window in the kitchen or break the door or dig up the ground. It’s up to you, women want to see an “action”. Something that you don’t do to another people. Something that make women think you think hard enough to have a solution when there is no solution or you make an answer to the question  who don’t have an answer. Women cut all the possibility but you make your own possibility. Women give you hard time in purpose to see how you can handle it. They block you in social media because they want to see how you can find a way to talk not in social media. Maybe they want a traditional way like letter (okay, it’s my own opinion ).
Be creative in this term is “do something unusually and unexpected” but you have to calculate the risk.
“Are you really going this far just from an apology?”. If you really want to be forgiven, the answer is yes
“You will do something that can make you regret in the future, are you sure?” if the answer is yes,go ahead.
This is a connection between something you don’t do to another people that I write in the first point, be creative. Sometimes women like to see how creative men are, they want you to give them something different. Something that unusual that makes them remember for sure. Something that make feel “special” because you don’t do that to another people and just for her. Sometimes that kind of funny and humor is needed right here . Sometimes it’s kinda over the line so you can get embarrassed but take the risk( it’s for your own love life).
Sometimes men use money to buy women favorite things to make up after fought, sometimes it’s work but not every women is materialistic. Sometimes women valued “sincere” than money.

So, for those who confused how to make up after fought I hope what I wrote can be helpful. Made your own way to apologize and you will forgiven.

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