Thursday, January 25, 2018

Yellow + Gucci = ❤ (Clothes and Accesories)

Hello lovely people! So this time i want to write my favorite brand Gucci and my favorite color, yellow. Combination of them makes me crazy enough. I realize Alessandro Michele's touch in Gucci make yellow color often to use and that's why i love Gucci more. This is the list of yellow item that i see when i check Gucci International Site and i will explain it one by one

the first item Blind For Love" and wolf wool sweater. Yeah it's yellow with words "Blind for Love". Alessandro Michelle is genius, using the "blind for love" words as a statement. And truthfully in people's life there is a moment that we "blind for love". This sweater have red and blue ribbon on the sleeves, and the plus factor from this sweater is the wolf at the back. 

Bonus : Kang Daniel Wanna One wearing this sweater for GQ Magazine (Source : Pinterest

The second item is Bat Jacquard Crewneck Sweater. The yellow with black bat all over the sweater. like always i said, black and yellow is always a good combination. This yellow make the black bat stand out even more. This is the opposite of Batman Logo, if Batman logo use black as a basic to make yellow words stand out this sweater use yellow as a basic so the black bat can stand out even more.

Third item is wool hat with bat. Apparently Gucci make a beanie with yellow color with black bat. So it's a set with the sweater above. it's a rare item because it's a beanie, it's yellow and it's from Gucci.  This is the only one yellow item in hat and gloves section. There is Gucci motif in one side and black bat in the another side. So, it's your choice which side you want to put at the front.

The next item is wool scarf with bat jacquard. Yes, it's scarf and it's a set complete with the sweater and the beanie (i need this this set in my closet). This scarf have yellow color with black bat jacquard on the one side and the opposite side have black color with yellow bat jacquard.

The last item is Geometric flowers print bow tie. It's a tie from silk with black, pink, orange and yellow geometric print in a yellow bow tie. At first i thought this item is the bow tie version of black bat jacquard, but i look closely and see it's not black bat motif but flowers motif. But this bow tie based on yellow and have colorful print so i have to put this on the list.

So this the yellow item list from Gucci. i will post another yellow item not only from Gucci, not only fashion item but all the yellow item that i like and i found when i browsing the internet. See you at next post.

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