Sunday, January 28, 2018

Outfit Diary : Red & Brown

Hello lovely people! today i'm back with my outfit diary. So i'm gonna explain the outfit i wore, the behind story from item that i wore and of course an explanation if the item still in my closet or the item already out from my closet. Let's start!!!

This red cardigan i bought in thrift store at local market when i still live in Makassar. This red cardigan is one of clothes that i bought in thrift store because i have to release my needs on shopping. At that time i was like Becky (Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of Shopaholic), i see the cardigans and all i think is "i want it all and i want it now". There is three cardigan stand out at the hanger and i buy it all at once. Red, grey and black. But in the end, i don't wear it often so i give it to my mom. The black cardigan now in my nephew closet, the grey in my mom closet and i forgot where the red one is .Don't worry about the price, i bought three at once but the price is like 25.000 IDR (2$) so it's a really good deal. Yes i bought a lot of clothes on thrift store but i give my clothes to another person a lot too so it's okay for me. People come and go, the same case happen in clothes you know. 

Brown jeans, the one that have slim fit and i buy it at thrift shop at local market (Same place with the red cardigan). I bought it Pasar Terong and the price is like 25.000-30.000 IDR (2-3 $). Actually for pants, i have favorite place. The place is at the back of the alley and sell pants only. That place mostly sell pants for women, but it's an advantage for me. I have skinny and petite body so mostly i buy jeans from woman section. The smallest size on man's jeans is don't fit me (even the jeans is already in skinny fit) and i have to re-form it on tailor. So i prefer to wear women jeans that have fit i like. Who cares about the gender when the jeans looks good when you wear it. This jeans color is brown, but in photo it looks like black because the lighting. This jeans have fit that i like, kind of tight in thighs but it's not too tight under the knees part (straight fit). 

Nude t-shirt, t-shirt that almost have the same color with human skin color. It's from UNIQLO and i buy it from thrift shop at local market (same place with the cardigan and the jeans as long as i can remember). The price is like 20.000 IDR (less than 2 $) and it's a good deal for a t-shirt. I really like this plain t-shirt, the color make another people misunderstood that you don't wear a t-shirt (if they see you from a far). But the reason i like this t-shirt it's really easy to mix and match this item.  I can layer it with basic pieces like denim jacket or jacket, but this t-shirt can look good too when you wear it with bright color (like i do in this photo).

The brown orange rubber shoes. it's the twins from my white and blue rubber shoes from New Era. This shoes the another shoes that i bought when i buy the white and blue rubber shoes. I buy this shoes and the white and blue shoes at once. I wear this a lot because it's rubber shoes and rubber shoes it's a great pair of shoes when rainy days come. I also wear this shoes a lot because it's matching with the brown jeans i wear in this photo. i tend to wear same shoes that have same color with my jeans, it's make an illusion that my legs are longer. 

Burgundy pouch, actually it's a pouch that you can attach in binders. Burgundy leather pouch that looks like a clutch. I buy it at Gramedia Mall Panakkukang and the price is like 25.000 IDR (less than 2$ ). i found this at the map section. The section that have drawer and a lot of map from plastic is categorize by color but i found this at the middle of the drawer. i asked the employees if there is another color of this pouch or another piece of this item available and they said no. Kind of sad but i'm happy enough to find this gem. i use this pouch a lot. especially when i want to go out but i don't wanna bring a lot of item with me. So i just put my wallet, cajuput oil, lip balm, parfume, my room  key and go. The black lego watch is broken already, so i can't wear it now. but this is a picture from my burgundy pouch and my black lego watch together. I think this photo taken in same day with the outfit picture. 

So this is another post of my outfit diary, hope you can enjoy it and see you at the next post!

P.s : Already post this outfit at Lookbook, you can see it here

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