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06122017 Fashion Item Diary : Monsieur Jerome (Shoes)

Hello lovely people! I promise to write a special post for shoes that i read on Monsieur Jerome. So this is it, a fashion item diary special for shoes. Monsieur Jerome post about shoes too on their website and this is a few shoes that i like after kind of stalking the website.

First, i read about post about collaboration between Converse and JW Anderson (You can read it here). Converse is my favorite shoes brand,so i get excited about the result of this collaboration. There is a few of converse type from this collaboration like low top, running shoes and high top with JW Anderson print all over the shoes but my favorite is this

Yes, the high top classic 70 with a twist (color blocking, metallic and glitters). A basic piece from Converse but with statement. I really love the idea of color blocking, metallic and glitters, make a shoes look so extra. The different color in the each side and and the bling bling very shiny make this shoes really really great. 

Actually my other favorite from this collaboration is this, pink and blue glitter in high top. But i don't see it on both of Converse & JW Anderson official website.

Next i read post about DR.MARTENS SS17 (you can read it here) and this is my favorite shoes from the collection

1461 sea blue boots. Classic and signature piece from DR.MARTENS but with sea blue color. the reason i like this item is the color. The color of sea blue, it's rare. On top of that the sea blue color is in 1461 Boots.

1460 Splatters. Yeah, splatters. You don't see it wrong. It's a classic 1460 DR.MARTENS with colorful splatters. This shoes splatters like someone wear it to the paint room (in clean state of course) and intentionally crush a rack full with opened and a lot of color cans of paint.

Next i read post about Vans X Opening Ceremony Plaid Pack (you can read it here) and my favorite item from this collaboration is this one

Yeah, the Vans authentic design with red plain. This shoes is really great to wear at Christmas, a combination between red and plaid (classic Christmas Theme). One of my shoes wishlist is have a plaid shoes, if i want to grant my wish the shoes must be something just like this.

Next i read a post about Vans X Opening Ceremony Passion Pack (you can read it here) and this is my favorite item from this collaboration

Yes, a yellow Vans with old skool pro design. Actually there was a time i hope someday Vans will launch a shoes with their iconic old skool design with yellow color., but Vans already make it happen. Sadly, this shoes is already sold out.

Next i read post about Reebok Classic Senaker (You can read it here). So Reebok launch their classic sneakers and they collaborate with Major from Washington D.C(one of the most know sneaker store) and this is my favorite

Camouflage? Yes! Reebok? Yes! Classic sneakers? Totally YES! This item combine three of shoes wishlist. First one is i wish have a camouflage shoes, second i wish i have at least one shoes from Reebok, and the last one is i wish i have classic design sneakers. So combination of three my shoes wishlist make me fall in love in this shoes.

The last post about shoes i read in Monsieur Jerome is about Timberland USA MADE 8-inch Boots (You can read it here) and there is only one shoes from this collection but i love it. 

A classic Timberland Boots with burgundy leather. Yeah, it's waterproof boots that's why i like this shoes. This item is a combination of two of my shoes wishlist, first reason because it's burgundy (i wish i have a burgundy shoes) and the second reason because it's Timberland boots (i wish i can afford Timberland shoes someday).

This is the shoes that i like from reading Monsieur Jerome website, i will update my blog with fashion item diary post often. So stay tune and if you don't mind follow my blog. See you at the next post

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