Saturday, August 19, 2017

dear friend's, thank you

As long as time goes by I forgot my friend’s behaviour
Maybe when we apart, new memories take place of old memories

But I meet them, my memories get refreshed
I forgot how innocent my friends was
I forgot how loud they laugh
I forgot how silly when they make a joke
I forgot how honest their words when they speak
But I feel I relieved
They still the same person
As long as time goes by, they don’t change
In my memories, how they behave is the same
Inside my head, there are synchronization about the way they behave in the past and present its still the same
They still accept my craziness
They still support whatever I do
They still want to hear me talk about my problem
I feel I so relieved
As an adult, I lived in world that constantly change
But my friend’s , they  don’t change. They still the same.

For that unchangeable behaviour, thank you.

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