Wednesday, September 20, 2017


We draw a line
We make sure that thing is ours
But how can you cross the line?
Do you not have something called “conscience” ?

Use without our permission
Use it to the fullest
Use it like that thing is totally yours
And don’t considering us exist?
Are you really thick skin?
How do you use something that we have and pretend like it’s yours?
This is a side that hate from you
You and your little problem that make my life miserable
You and your little problem that make my life complicated
Ypu and all your little problem that make my life harder
You have your own income and why you use thing that you don’t buy with your money?
You want your life easier
Easier but you make our life harder
I’m pretty sure you have a big mirror
Why you don’t reflect?
If you are really that lazy, hire someone to do that
If there is a machine that can do that, buy it and use it
Don’t use something that ours
Use something yours
If you can’t afford it, save your money
 Don’t pretend you weak
Don’t pretend you can’t do thing people normally do
When I see you use our thing and pretend like there is nothing
Disgusting is a right choice of word to describe your behavior

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