Saturday, September 23, 2017

Someone That Got Away

We spend a lot of time together
A lot, almost a decade
After I put all my effort to keep you by my side
In the end, you’re someone that got away

Walk away from my life with someone new
After the time we spend together can’t make you stay on my side?
you really can forget the memories that we had together all this time?
We’ve been through a lot together
Various things that happen to us should be make our relationship stronger right?
Why you have to leave me alone?
Did my effort after all this time is not enough?
Did my sacrifice after all this time can’t make you satisfied?
Or the problem it’s you
It’s you that always have high expectation to me
It’s you that always want more
It’s you, greedy person
When I don’t meet your expectation, you looking for someone else that meet your expectation
Why you have to look somebody else?
It’s me, in front of you as your lover
If i make you disappointed, tell me.
Tell me why you disappointed
Tell me how I can make you disappointed
Tell me how I can do to make it better
So I will do better for sure in the future
But now there is no future
Future that including us, you and me
Our future is different
I hope you always be my side in my future
But in reality, you’re not in my side anymore
There is no “you” and “us” in my future
Your future is different

Your future with someone else

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