Sunday, October 8, 2017


Do we really need to expect all the words come from another people will become reality?
Sometimes when people said something there is a chance 50:50
50% they mean it
50% they don’t mean it

It’s  easy to say something
It’s easy to promise something
But when the words have been said and reality don’t match, whom we supposed to be blamed?
Ourselves? Or another people?
Sometimes it’s better to do everything alone
When it doesn’t go the way as supposed to do, we can blame ourselves and not blame other people
I hope there is a rule that define how much we have to trust the words that have been said by another people
Something like if they say certain kind of words that means we can trust their words or if they say this kind of words don’t believe them
I hope there is an equation can calculate how much we supposed to believe the words that come from another people
Did I expect too much about people’s words?
I always try to not give them expectation
It’s better to surprise them with actions and not with words
Because I’m the type of people that see actions more than words
The real source of problem that we had in life is expectation
Maybe it’s time to stop expect another people and trust myself
I can expect myself, so I won’t disappointed later

Because I already know what I’m capable for

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