Saturday, October 21, 2017

Enjoy it while it last

Enjoy it while it last
Enjoy it when you have time
Enjoy it when you have chance

The same situation won’t happen twice
The same condition won’t came twice
That’s why you have to enjoy it
When the situation became different you have no regret
Because you already enjoy to the fullest
Because you already enjoy when you have time and chance
When you realize you can’t turn back the time
You already satisfied with what you do in the past
Enjoy it, enjoy it to the maximum level
Because you will realize there is nothing better than the present
Because you will realize you were so much younger yesterday
And when you grow older, you will regret something that you don’t do in the past
Do whatever you want
Do something and let that something can be something that make you learn
Take notes from it
Because the best teacher is experience that you had
And when you realize you missed the chance

There is no second chance

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