Sunday, October 22, 2017

My pick in Lazy Oaf

My effort to sleep early is failed, so i turn my laptop and decided to open my explore tab on my instagram. After scrolling for a few times, Lazy Oaf post is popped up and i decided to open their website to see their new collection. And this is the list of things i would buy (if i have enough money)

I'm not afraid to wear pink, so this Lazy Oaf Shit Graphic Hoodie is totally okay for my taste. I really like the statement "SHIT GRAPHIC" and on top of that the hoodie is pink. Quote statement and pink hoodie is a great combo

i really like Lazy Oaf qoute that they put in their design, like this Lazy Oaf Blah Blah Long Sleeve  T-shirt. With "NOT LISTENING" word in the back and "BLAH BLAH" in the chest and the arm. Combination of black and statement quote, this pieces is superb.

Losing my mind quote and a graphic that explains there is nothing inside head (aka empty) is a creative way to make white t-shirt extra ordinary. I totally put this item in to my list

Bored with plain denim jacket? this Lazy Oaf Denim Love Jacket is an option for you. Heart symbol embroidered in red color and as a point that make your overall fashion not boring. Point plus of this piece is the fit is oversized ❤

 Looking for leisure sweatshirt? This Lazy Oaf Leisurely Worn Sweatshirt is totally good choice. A sweatshirt that have quote "leisure wear" so you don't have to explain what kind of sweatshirt is this.

Pink knit with details, embroidered eyes and zipper as mouth. This Lazy Oaf Pink Zippy Mouth Knit is a great choice if you want some pink pieces with some details that attract attention.

Oversized black cardigan with "ALL THE PROBLEMS" in the back as a point. I'm totally in love with this piece. 

Oversized + neon + two star = totally fatal statement piece , totally put this piece on the list. Styling this piece with basic items is a good choice
 Another piece that combine pastel color with statement quote. i really like the quote "DO NOT PLAY NICELY", like this quote make you wonder "should I play dirty" kind of thought :p. I'm totally like this piece

Where you can find a pyjama shirt with zebra print in pink and black? Of course you can find this only in Lazy Oaf. You can wear this piece when you want to sleep or  when you go outside the house

Pink t-shirt with "leisure wear"quote? totally put this piece on the list. I mean where you can find pink t-shirt that explains itself as a leisure wear?

i hope the piece that i pick can help you to decide :) 

Source of photo : LAZY OAF Official Site

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