Monday, February 12, 2018

2018 Menswear Fashion Trend : Shades of Green

Hello lovely people!!! Today I'm gonna write the next part of 2018 Menswear Fashion Trend. It's green. For me, i put green in basic color category. Green army is a neutral color that you can mix and match with everything. Green is always look good when you combine with basic color like white and black but green look good too when you combine it with bright color like red and yellow. Green is one of color that neutralize your outfit when you wear statement pieces and genderless (both of women and men can totally slay it). In runway 2018 there is quite a lot of green army and i decided to make this post and sharing with you guys. This is the list of green army pieces that i pick based on my taste

Green army suit and pants

Acne Studios

 Green army blazer

Green army biker jacket 

Green army jacket

Green army coat

Green army biker jacket

Green army dress

Green army cut out see through dress

Green army jacket

 Green army coat

Green army biker jacket


pale green suit and pants

pinstripes black and green pants and suit

pinstripes black and green pants and suit

Dior Homme

olive green long coat and pants

Ermenegildo Zegna

 two tone shirt and pants

Gosha Rubinsky

 Green army pants with coat

Haider Ackermann

black and green knit sweater

leaf green with leather jacket


wide green pants

green leather jacket

Les Hommes

Olive green coat

 Louis Vuitton

pine green long coat

Dark green long coat

green pants


So this is the look that i pick for green (and i pick it based on my taste) from runway for 2018 Menswear .i hope what i write can be helpful for you to shopping :D see you on the next post!!!

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