Monday, June 25, 2018

Getting Used to Goodbye

I’m just getting used to goodbye
I try my best when I’m with you
So when you leave, I have no regret

Not too close, but not too far either
I just want my love reach to you at sufficient level
Sufficient level that make me safe even if in the future you hurt me I still sane to keep myself alive
So when you leave, I don’t need a long time to heal the scar that you give
I do this for myself
I do all this things for protect myself for certain pain in the future
The certain pain in the future that comes from you
I’m not a newbie in this “hurt” subject
I’m not a fool to dip in same mistake twice
I’m not stupid to believe that someone will take care my feelings so well than I am
This is not the first and second time
I’m just getting used to goodbye
I know you will be with me temporary
I don’t have confidence to make you stay in my side for a long time
So forgive me if you think I’m not so in to you
I’m so used to goodbye

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