Monday, July 30, 2018

Outfit Diary : Grey with Yellow

Hello, lovely people! So today I'm back with my outfit diary. As i always do i will explain about my outfit and the behind story from item that i wore. Let's start!

First, this is the oversize grey shirt vintage shirt that i bought in my favorite place to shop. Yes, it's from thrift shop and i don't remember the exact time when i bought this shirt and i can't remember the price. Maybe this shirt's price is among Rp.20.000-30.000 ($2-$3) because that's the normal range price of shirt in thrift shop. This grey shirt have oversize fit and kind of awkward sleeves length. It's between my elbow and my hand. So i just fold it up. I rarely wear this shirt, i even considering to give this to my friend that love basic color like grey, black and blue. But after a long time hanging out with my friend that love basic color, i start to think that basic color is a must have item in closet that can be mix and match with literally everything from basic color, bright color even printed t-shirt. From that time i use this shirt very well.

The grey shorts pants.The shorts pants that have fit that i like, yes slim fit and perfectly above my knee. I buy this at thrift shop (yes, the top and bottom is from thrift shop). The price is Rp.20.000 (less than $2). This grey shorts become one of my basic in my closet. Just wear it and i can wear any top from basic to statement pieces like bright color or printed t-shirt. But this time i want to wear basic color outfit so i just paired the grey shorts with black sleeveless t-shirt and grey oversize shirt.

In this photo i wear my yellow printed sling bag, you can see the story of that bag in here. This is the bag that i usually use when my outfit is basic or not have too much color. I use this yellow as the point of my outfit. And as you guys know that yellow is my favorite color.

The grey and neon green rubber boat Crocs shoes. Actually this is a fake Crocs, the actual Crocs doesn't have my size in Men section. But i really really want this shoes because the rubber material that very comfortable to use when rainy days. But i found the imitation and the have my size. So i don't think twice and buy it immediately. Bu as time goes by, i realize that my action it's inappropriate. I support the illegal production. They have same design but the imitation is lack in quality. No one ask the question about it's the real thing or fake, but myself feels guilty afterwards. This is a learning process about the real and fake in fashion industry. Let's save money to buy the real item on the official store. I may lose a lot of money but at least i have and i wear real item.

I take this photo when i visited Trans Mall in Makassar One of my best friends Kartini take this photo (by the way i miss you teteh, just in case she will read this post. She is too busy fangirling right now). The Mega bank building beside the Trans mall have mirror wall so that place is a perfect place to take outfit photo.

So this is another post of my outfit diary, hope you can enjoy it and see you at the next post!

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