Monday, November 13, 2017

Expected and Unexpected side of Love

I know you from a long, long time ago
We start from become friends and after a decade and a few years we become lover
It’s really unexpected

Both of us can make fun each other like best friends
Both of us can fight like some fighter in the ring
But when we fall in love, why some people doubt about it?
The most asked questions  is “Are both of you really fall in love?”
I say “Yes”
Another frequently asked questions “how can both of you start dating?”
We started dating because we want to love each other
Love is not something that have standard time
Maybe love need time to realize
And there is no standard of time to realize that is really love
Rihanna can sing “we found love in the hopeless place”
In this situation I can sing “I found love in the unexpected place, it’s in people that I have no expectations at all”
Love can come from unexpected people
Love can come from people that you think that person are your friends, but as long as your life is continued they keep on your side and support you no matter what.
Love can come when you see from the another side, that person is loving you in his/her way
Love can come when you don’t expected this people can be someone that you love
Love can come when both of you started t thinking in different way because both of you are grown up now and not kids anymore
Expected and unexpected factor in love like both side of coin, they can’t be separated
Sometimes when you expected love you can get surprised because love can go in unexpected way.

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