Thursday, November 23, 2017

Just one text and my thoughts changed

Few years ago, I got text from my classmates when I still in college
“Good night for everyone that makes me smile”
At the first time I read that text, my respond is smile
I don’t want to delete that text
But later I was thinking “did I type of person that make my friend smile?”

With my silly personality I make a lot of people smile
But with this text I feel different
I feel what I’ve done appreciated
Even when I make them smile I don’t realize it at the moment
But I realize it later
I make another people smile
I make another people feel better with that smile
I make  another people feel better even just a moment
And after a while, I think it’s not easy to make people smile
Especially these days and specially for adults
Sometimes when people do something to another people, they don’t appreciated it
When they expect and what people do in reality don’t meet with that expectation they feel disappointed
They don’t even say thank you
They don’t even look at you and smile
So when I can make other people smile, I feel appreciated
even when I think I do a little things that unexpected because my silly personality
when another people smile because of what I’ve done I feel thankful
at least I make one people smile today
I can be source of one smile

And one smile that come from another people can be my source of happiness

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