Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Too Little Too Late To Regret

Now it’s too little too late
Too little to late to regret decision you make in the past
You can’t leave
You can’t even ask for help

Welcome to the hell
When you think your decision can make you go to heaven
You’re totally dead wrong
The heaven you think is just temporary a beautifully camouflage
and the truth about that heaven is a perfect covered hell
Now you can’t go anywhere
You’re already trapped
You can’t even scream “I GIVE UP”
There is no use to regret your decision
There is no one will help you
Enjoy the scenery if you get a chance to see the world even you just have a little bit time
Probably in the future you can’t see the same scenery
And what inside your heart and inside your head will never be the same
And now, you regret your decision
If I were you, I will never make that decision in the past 

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