Monday, December 4, 2017

Vans X Peanuts,

Actually it’s been more than a month since I visited vans official site and want to write about my pick in Vans collaboration with Peanuts. But I get lazy and upload a few my thought instead. But this time,  finally I will write about item that I would buy (if I had money) from Vans X Peanuts. Here is the Ichy Pick from Vans X Peanuts

First, Vans X Peanut Jockey Hat Charlie Brown

Yellow hat with quote “good grief” and a symbol skateboard that break into two pieces. I can’t help but falling in love with this item. As you know, I love yellow so this item absolutely in the list

Second, Vans SK8-Hi Reissue

Vans SK8-Hi Reissue in yellow color and complete with the cartoon graphic from peanuts. The cartoon graphic is Charlie brown and complete with words inside the cloud like in the cartoon. Yellow and Vans iconic design, this item must be in the list of course

Third, Yellow backpack with the same graphic with the shoes. 

It’s a set, so I totally love this item. Actually vans not often make an item with yellow color, but with the collaboration with Peanuts make Vans release quite a lot item with yellow color. And of course I put this item in the list. I just rechecked vans official site it looks like this item is sold out :(

Fourth, Yellow socks with same graphic with bag and shoes. 

It’s totally cute and you can use it as a point if your outfit too ordinary.

Fifth, The black hat with Woodstock character. 

Black and yellow it’s always a good combination, so if you want a black hat with interesting details, I suggest this item from this Vans X Peanuts collection.

Sixth, a colorful slip-on. The Charlie brown and the gang is on the Vans slip-on. 

This colorful item can be a point if your outfit is not had many color. Also colorful slip-on is also needed if you wear colorful outfit and the color in this can complement the color in your outfit.

Seventh, I almost forgot this item. If I don’t see the vans folder closely I will missed out this item.

 The pink hoodie with peanut character on the left side. I really love the details, the character is lined up vertically.

The last is Vans Authentic with woodstock

Vans authentic white canvas with cute, little and yellow woodstock character all over your shoes. It's totally my style, cute little character brighten your outfit/it's really nice when look at your shoes and there is something cute in your that can make you smile ☺

This is my pick list from Vans collaboration with Peanuts
What about you?

Source of Photo : Vans Official Site

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