Wednesday, December 6, 2017

01082017 Fashion Item Diary

I've been wondering what should i write about my next post.on the blog and after thinking quite hard i decided to make a fashion item diary. Some kind of diary that explain the fashion item that caught my eyes. I will wrote about fashion item that i like even i can't afford it. Sometimes the item that i see in front of my eyes or the item that i see on the internet. i will write about why i like that item and sort of speak about my fashion taste. So this is the first Fashion Diary, i have been write about it when i still live in Makassar. Enjoy it :)

01082017 Fashion Item Diary : thing that caught my eyes
I went to Mall Panakkukang to meet my friends but they take a quite long time to arrive so I decided to take a round to see the new arrival things in some store inside the mall. And this is a list a few a of fashion that caught my eyes :

First Camouflage slip on DC Shoes

I really like slip on shoes, it’s easy to put it on and take it off from my feet plus I don’t have to tied and untied shoelace. And the main reason why I love slip on because it’s comfortable, my feet don’t have to feel hurt after take a long walk. This shoes caught my eyes because it’s camouflage and slip on, it’s good combination for people that considering comfortable is the main reason to choose a shoes. Plus it’s camouflage, it’s good for people that want something different but not too much. The price is IDR 899 K

Second Patches on Lee Cooper

Denim and patches is a timeless combination. If you want something different and make a statement in your denim put some patches. This is a few patches that available in Lee Cooper store, for me I really like the rose patch complete with the leaves, the cherry patch and the “some like it hot” patches. 

Third New Balance Running Shoes

I really love the color of this shoes, somewhere between red and peach, some kind of brick. This shoes is a running shoes and you can adjust shoelace inside the shoes because the shoelace don’t have an end. By the way recently my cousin buy this shoes and she unboxing in front of me. I'm totally ENVY

Last is Colorbox two tone denim jacket

I really like this jacket, this a denim jacket that can be a statement pieces because this jacket have two kind of denim color.  Denim jacket that only have one color considering a basic piece but this jacket can be statement pieces when you wearing a basic fashion item like white t-shirt and black jeans. This jacket can be this can be a piece that can balance  overall your fashion when you combine with bright color like red pants or another statement piece.

So this is my first fashion item diary, i will post some fashion item diary in the future. Also i want to post my old Outfit of The Day photo and explain about it. What do you think about this idea?

*All this photo in this post is taken & edited by ME*

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