Thursday, December 21, 2017

Outfit Diary : My High School Classmate Wedding

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Today i'm back with my outfit diary, and this is the second my outfit diary post. I'm gonna explain about the outfit i wear at my High School classmate wedding. Actually the wedding is two years ago and my classmates already had a son ahahahahah :D but i'm gonna post it anyway
I already post this outfit on lookbook so you can see it here or you can go to the lookbook page at the right side of my blog

So this photo is taken when i attend my classmates wedding in Makassar. I go with a few of my friends in high school and thankfully we take a single photo of our outfit. So we take turns to take another friends outfit for the wedding.

Lets's talk about the black suit.The black suit is made by tailor, but the tailor is already passed away so this is like kind of last of his work that he leave for the world and i use it very well. This black suit was made on 2006 when my older sister is getting married so my mother take me to the tailor to make my own personalized black suit. It's been more than 10 years but i'm still using it very well (this is the advantage have almost same body for ten years). The arm suit kind of short now if i wear it (i guess i still grow at that time) but i just fold the sleeve.and make it my style.


The black trousers i get from thrift shop on local market in Makassar when i still live there. The price is 20.000 or 25.000 IDR i think (Less than 2 dollar). When i check the label, i get shock because it's Michael Kors. But later when i re-check i find a tag in Chinese language and stitches on the tag is kind of careless so i got a conclusion that this piece is not genuine.

Strangely, the pants is have stitches in the back of knee part, but the stitches is black so they don't stand out. This trousers are have a slim fit so the trousers it's not too tight but not too loose either, i really like the fit. But the length of this trousers is kinda long for my legs so when i wear it i fold the end of the trousers.

Next, the pale green khaki shirt i get from thrift shop. the price is like 20.000 IDR as long as i remember. I buy it when i'm in first year at university. It's large size but i re-form it, make it smaller but the pocket still big ahahahah. I use it very well when i still in first year because when i attended a lecture i have to dress politely (must wear a shirt and dont wear short pants) so i just wear it with a t-shirt and unbutton the shirt. 

The brown shoes from Fladeo, a brand that produce shoes, bag and sandals for women and available at Matahari Department Store. I buy it when there is a weekend sale, discount 50% and only two size available (my size and one size bigger than my size) so i buy it. When i buy this shoes, i was strolling around mall with one of my best friend. My best friend and i have same shoes size so we ended up with buy one pair for ourselves. My best friends have the black color and i have the brown color. If you see closely, this shoes similar with Doctor Marten 1461 3 eye right? i guess Fladeo kind of imitate the Doctor Marten.. Right now i have the imitation version but i hope one day i can afford the original one.

The belt, i really really forget about the belt. The belt i use in this photo is the same one i wear at my first outfit diary. I only have one belt, the black one from Eiger. I buy it when first year of high school (2006). Yeah, i have one belt more than 10 years. Actually this is what i think about belt, buy basic color belt like black, navy or brown and buy belt that have a good quality. It will last longer and you don't have to panic when decided what kind of belt you want to wear.

So this is my second outfit diary, i hope you enjoy the story behind the outfit i wore. If you have something to ask don't hesitate to comment or you can find me on my instagram or twitter.
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