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My Preference in Coloring Book For Adults

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Today I'm gonna write about my preference in coloring.

In coloring there is a lot of option, from what kind equipment you use to coloring (pencil, crayon, marker, paint brush etc), what type of  coloring book you like (doodle, mandala, nature, animal etc), what kind of style coloring book you think the best (one drawing in one side of page or one drawing in each side of page) and what kind of technique you use for coloring (blocking, gradation, mixing etc).
Today I'm gonna explain about my preference in every aspect in coloring for adults

There is a few option what kind of equipment to coloring book for adults. There is pencil type, crayon type, marker type, and paint brush type. For every type of course there is advantages and weakness. Sometimes the professional colorist use mix two kind of equipment to get the best result.But for me, i like marker type. It's convenient, you don't have to bring sharpener and eraser wherever you go. All you have to do open the lid and start coloring. But the weakness is you cant erase it if you had mistake because it's permanent (some kind of life quote here).

This is photo of my marker collection, i have a few. But my Favorite is Faber-Castell Connector Pen 60. Diverse color and a lot of color to choose.. The plus factor is they look neat when the pen connected to each other

Type of Adults Coloring Books
there is a lot type of coloring books to choose from. Doodle, mandala, geometric, nature etc. But for me,i really like doodle and nature style. i really like doodle cute style, the comical style. it's like coloring your own cartoon world. Bright color is a must to give doodle drawing some life. There is a few doodle style coloring books but currently i coloring Doodle Kingdom by Asrika Vitawati (I'm gonna post a review about it).

Beside doodle, i really like nature style. it's like make a nature drawing but the color is up to me. The leaves, flowers, butterflies color is up to me, i can put whatever color i like and make my imagination become true by put some color on the drawing. The best nature style coloring books author is Johanna Basford. I really really love her drawing, i have Secret Garden (Johanna Basford first coloring book and it's a best seller worldwide) and hope one day i can buy all her coloring books.

Type of Drawing on Coloring Books
There is two type of drawing on coloring books for adults. 
first, one page only have one drawing in one side of page (one sided page)

this is an example from My Own World 2 (Mandala & Greeting) by Khalezza & Tria N (You can order it here)
One drawing on the right side and there is quote on the left side.

Second, there is one drawing in each side of page (two sided page)

This is an example from Secret Garden by Johanna Basford (You can check her official site here).
Every side of page have a drawing.
For me, i prefer one drawing  in one side of page. Because i coloring use markers, just in case the markers is bleeding and ruin the drawing on next side of page. i don't really like coloring books with drawing on each side of page, because when i coloring with markers i can't help myself to not bleeding drawing next page. Every coloring books with drawing in each side of page like give me a question "Which side do you want to color and which side you want sacrifice because bleeding from markers?". I experience this from coloring Secret Garden and decided to sacrifice some drawing for using markers.

This is an example of excessive bleeding using markers (Now you understand about the sacrifice right?)

My own tip :
when i coloring the books that have one drawing in one side of page i always lay a plastic paper so the bleeding from the current page not transferred to next page

This is the picture of plastic paper i use to prevent bleeding when i coloring use markers. I get it from My Own World Coloring Book For Adults (I have two books of My Own World so i have two of this). You can see a lot of mark of excessive bleeding from markers.

There is a 4 of type technique to coloring: blocking, gradation, finishing and mixing.
Sometimes the professional colorist use two or more technique to get the result they want, but for me all i know is blocking. Fill the area between line with one color, it's easy and remind me of  my childhood. I'm trying to do gradation but its hard using markers, sometimes i just make gradation in a drawing that have a lot of lines so the gradation can be seen.

Another my own tip coloring use markers:
i have color chart
Actually it's my schedule check on 2016. But 2016 is already passed and i use my creative mind to re-use this schedule check. So i use the schedule check month section, put every color in the box of date and write the details of markers above. Voila, i have my own color chart :D

Another tip coloring use markers: provide a white paper to check the color of markers before use it on the coloring book. it's re-check and kind of preventing coloring with wrong color aka color we don't want.

So this is my preference on coloring and i add my own tip coloring use markers. Do you have your own tip on coloring? comment down below and see you on the next post

*All this photo in this post is taken & edited by Me*

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