Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Outfit Diary : Throwback Fashion Airport 2015

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Hello everyone, i hope you have a great day. Today I'm gonna write about my old "Outfit of The Day" and explain about the outfit. I'm gonna explain about behind the story of my clothes, my shopping style and my fashion taste.
 I already post it on lookbook, so if you want to check it, click here

This photo is taken when i want to fly back to my hometown on 2015. Yeah, i know it's almost 3 years ago, but it's better late than never right? Also i want to see how much me and my wardrobe improvement.

Let me talk about the sleeveless white t-shirt with red and black print. I think i bought this t-shirt when i stay at Palu at 2009 and i forgot the price but as long as i remember i buy it at Ramayana Department Store. At first, it was normal t-shirt with sleeve, but i don't wear this t-shirt often because it's too tight. And like you predicted, this t-shirt have been changing it's own color because it's stay too long inside cupboard. I wash it to make it back to the original color, but failed. The sleeve is yellowish because of humid, so i cut the sleeve and make it sleeve t-shirt.

The black jacket is the most expensive clothes that i bought in thrift shop on local market at Makassar. The price is IDR 80.000, if i convert it to dollar is less than 6 dollar  (if the currency 1 dollar = IDR 13548). But i don't regret it. This black jacket is my ultimate denim jacket and i wear it often. Actually the size is kind of woman denim jacket, but who cares about the size if the clothes fit your body perfectly :)

Next, the black jeans is from Logo. It's from woman jeans brand, and it's kinda of big for me because the waist size is Medium while I'm wearing Small size. But i buy it because it's end of year sale (as long as i can remember, the discount almost 50%) and the only size that available is Medium so i just bought it (i convince myself to wear belt when wear this jeans, but it's too big and finally i made an exchange the jeans with my nephew)

The yellow shoes is from Converse. the low top one and i buy it at 70% discount as long as i recall. I buy it at Sports Station at Mall Panakkunang. It's one size smaller than my size, it's 38 but i wear it without socks so it fit my feet perfectly. Plus, it's yellow. Yellow it's my favorite color so i don't have any choice, i have to buy it. It's on sale, my favorite color and one of my favorite shoes brand. So i buy it and i have no regret.

The black snap back is from Bloods, Bloods it's local brand in Indonesia and i buy it full price (I'm not always get discount) at distribution store. i forget the name of that store I'm pretty sure it's beside Mall Panakkukang. It's a black snap back with white embroidery "BLOODS" in the front. i wear it a lot so now the black color is kind of fading. i wish i can buy another black hat

The eyeglasses is from Elizabeth, a local brand from Indonesia that produce bag, shoes and accessories for women. But once again, it looks good on me so i don't care about the brand. For me, as long as the item look good on me i don't care about the other things. You can see the handle of the glasses it's a crooked. i realize it but it looks normal when i wear so i don't mind to buy it even though i know it's a little bit crooked.

The black Lego watch, it's broken already. I wear it a lot and that's the main reason why it's broken. It's been rusty (correct me if I'm wrong) because of sweat. I wear it almost every single day. i buy the watch at some store that sell a lot of cartoon goods, doll and women's hair accessories. This is the photo of my black Lego watch

so this is my first outfit diary, actually i'm digging my old folder to see if there is a photo outfit of the day so i can post about this outfit diary often. Thank you for visiting  my blog and see you at next post

P.S : Don't mind with my yellow bag and luggage, i am a yellow lover :D

Ichy Rizki
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