Thursday, February 8, 2018

2018 Menswear Fashion Trend : Plaids and Check

Hello lovely people!!! So today i'm gonna write about 2018 Fall Menswear Fashion Trend and this is the first part. After spend a few hours to see the photo of fashion show on and do some deep observation i decided to write about the trend of 2018 in Menswear. Yeah, it's Plaids and check. Actually for me, plaids and check is a classic piece that you can always wear all the without feel outdated. But after i see a lot of brand showcase plaids and check clothes in their collection i decided to write this post and i hope this post can be helpful for you. So this is the list of plaids and check clothes that i pick based o my taste on fashion from runway 

check suit, check trouser and check coat tied in waist

red and blue check suit and trouser

Plaids suit

Alexander McQueen

Plaids sweater, plaids coat and plaids trousers

Plaids suit and plaids trousers

Plaids suit and trousers

Plaids trousers with embroidery suit

Plaids trouser with silk shirt and silk coat

Plaids trousers with abstract print oversized suit

Plaids trousers with green army suit  and black midi zipper turtleneck

Plaids trousers and oversized animal print sweater

(Dries Van Noten)

white and black check suit and trousers

Black and blue check suit and trousers

Ermenegildo Zegna

brown check suit and trousers
(btw, i love the sweater. ikonic "F" Fendi symbol and Family)

Matching Check suit and trousers

Brown check sweater and sand check coat

matching check suit and trousers

Small check matching suit and trousers


Check shirt and check trousers

Issey Miyake

Yellow jacket with embroidery and plaid trousers

Yellow and grey coat with plaids trousers

Turquoise turtleneck, blue hoodie and plaids trousers 

Red turtleneck, long sleeves polo shirt and plaids trousers


   plaids bomber jacket

Plaids coat

Maison Kitsune

Plaids oversized coat


Black and pine green plaids suit, vest and trousers

Ralph Lauren

 grey and black plaids long coat, suit and trousers

Thom Browne

blue and brown plaids shearling jacket

Blue and brown plaids trousers and vest
 Black and red plaids coat

Black and red plaids shearling jacket


Red and black plaids coat and trousers

 yellow and black plaids shearling jacket and trousers (my favorite)

Patchwork plaids jacket

Plaids suit and trousers

Plaids suit with blue trousers

Plaids suit and trousers with print sweater

Plaids trousers with patchwork sweaters

Plaids suit and trousers with blue long coat

So this is the look that i pick (and i pick it based on my taste) from runway for 2018 Menswear.i hope what i write can be helpful for you to shopping :D see you on the next post!!

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