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Review : Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens 24

Hello lovely people!!! So today i'm back with review about Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens. One of my hobby is coloring and one of my equipment to coloring is this Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens. After a while i use Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens i just thought why i don't write a review about it. So here i am with the review

As you can see this Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens that i buy have 24 variants of color. They have 12 color variants set as well, but for me i prefer a set with a lot of color so i have a lot of color to choice.
This is the photo of Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens after i open the package

I remember i buy this Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens at Agung. Agung is a biggest stationery store in Makassar, located at the front of Mall Ratu Indah at Sam Ratulangi street. Sometimes when i go to Mall Ratu Indah i just cross the road and go to Agung to see what kind of stationery they have and of course to check the price of things i want. I can guarantee Agung have the cheapest price of stationery in Makassar compare to another stationery store, because of the difference of price a lot of people shopping in this store. Yes, a lot. i mean it. But  i really recommended to shopping stationery in Agung because it's cheaper, despite you have to met with a lot of people when you shopping (and feel hot too because there is a lot of nostrils fight to inhale the oxygen). Let's back to Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens, i buy it in full price. No discount, but in Agung is already cheaper than another stationery. I can't remember the exact price but i think the price is not more than 40.000 IDR ($3).

Here is the swatches of Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens. I make this into 2 part. this is the first part

This is the second part of the swatches. I have a few set of markers from another brand but Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens have the thinnest and smallest body. I guess it's balance with the price, not too pricey compare than another markers i have. Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens have small tip but not too perfect curved. Sometimes it's become trouble when i want to coloring a small part,because the tip is not have perfect curve sometimes i can't make a perfect dot to coloring small part of coloring book. But i think "this is a challenge". So it will take time to get used to coloring small part with this but i will keep trying.

However, i satisfied with Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens. They have affordable price and a lot of variety color. This is the swatches of color that i like from Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens

First, i really like this salmon color. Salmon color that i can't find in another brand markers. This salmon color is very unique, somewhere between orange and pastel color. 
Second, i really like they have a lot diverse of green. From green with warm tone to green with cool tone. especially the pine green. A lot of brand that make 24 markers in a set don't have diverse green. They just have 3 or 4 green from light green, green leaf and suddenly dark green. 
Third, i really like they have 3 color of blue. Sky blue, the real blue and dark blue. Generally, a lot of brand that produce 24 color markers in a set only contain 2 blue colors (dark blue and sky blue).
Last but not least i really like Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens have pink, magenta, light purple and dark purple color. A lot of brand don't produce diverse color like this. They only produce pink and dark purple. Sometimes they just produce pink, light purple and dark purple. I surprised Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens have magenta color in a set 24 markers (Usually you can find magenta color if you buy a set above 24, like 36 or 48).

Conclusion : I satisfied and don't regret buy Staedler Luna Fibre Tip Pens 24. They have diverse color and good price. I recommended buy this if you are beginner in coloring for adults.

So this is the end of my review. I will post some review about coloring book and markers in the future. So stay tune!!!

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