Sunday, July 8, 2018

My Favorite Pieces from Balmain SS19 Menswear

Balmain is one of top 5 favorite brand. Altough i can't even afford it at this time, i think i should share my opinion about my favorite from the recent show.

Red Leather jeacket with white and blue stripes tee. I love biker jacket and bright color, so this jacket is totally my style. I love how Olivier added zipper details, especially at the elbow

Grey Tweed biker jacket with denim vest and long sleeves stripes tee. I like the combination of grey tweed biker jacket and denim. It's a great example why denim vest is a essential in fashionista closet. The denim vest transforms whole outfit. Stripes is a basic essential clothes that diverse people can wear, Olivier knows that fact very well. That's why almost every season you can found stripes in Balmain

Oversized red and white stripes sweater. Oversized sweater. Actually slightly oversized sweater is one basic piece that you can wear comfortably inside or outside the house. Knowing this fact Olivier designing slightly oversized  sweater with basic design that never out of style, stripes. Combination of red and white is always each other because red and white complement.

Blue Cardigan with red and white stripes details. Blue, red and white is always good combination because they complement each other. For me, triple combination from red, white and blue is always make outfit look polished and always looks good. 

Yellow, white and black cardigan and sweater. Maybe this is my first time seeing Olivier use yellow color on menswear. But he pull it really good and make yellow is another color that attract attention. The sweater with logo, white and black stripes  details make this sweater more polished. The cardigan is totally my style, put one strong color and add the details with basic color white and black make the cardigan more colorful but not too strong.

Black, white, red and blue biker jacket. I love biker jacket, biker jacket is one of basic piece that fashion people have inside their closet. But this jacket is definitely I put in my favorite piece from this season. Biker jacket with quilted details and zipper diagonally at the chest. Plus the pop of red, white and blue color make this basic piece extraordinary

Black, white and red color block sweater. This is a perfect example from combination of white and black plus one strong color make a statement. Color block from white, red and black make this sweater looks classy and fashionable at the same time.

Black biker jacket with high waist leather belt and hood. Black biker jacket with diagonal zipper at the chest  plus long black cardigan with hood. This look make me realize that biker jacket can be styling this way, The high waist belt, white socks and black loafer is totally Michael Jackson makes me realize Michael Jackson is iconic fashion icon that inspire younger generation including Olivier

Big studded jacket with hood. This is a perfect piece when you want to attract attention whenever you are, a jacket full with variety size of stud that can reflect light. The combination with black hooded long cardigan makes me realize that a jacket can be styling like this. 

Black rider jacket with zipper and high waist pants. This is a basic rider jacket design but in Olivier hand’s he make it leveled up with two zipper diagonally at the chest and two zipper in the pocket side. Another details that he added is zipper at the elbow make this biker jacket is totally polished.

Black jacket with big hood. WOW! That’s my first reaction when see this black coat with big hood. Olivier really do a great job designing this piece. He takes big hood to another level. With leather details, Olivier make hood that have casual image become a very versatile and luxury piece.

So this is my favorite piece from Balmain SS 19 Menswear. What is your favorite? Comment below

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