Monday, July 16, 2018

Outfit Diary : Emerald Green Hoodie

Hello, lovely people! It's been a long time since the last time i upload blogpost about my outfit diary. But don't worry i'll catch up. If you guys following me on lookbook you guys already know i already post about this outfit. But i'm gonna explain about this outfit exclusively in my blog.

First, let's talk about this emerald green hoodie with cute rudolph print. Actually this hoodie is one of things that i want to sell when i try to make thrift online store on instagram, but the thrift online store is failed and i'm the one who keep the clothes.So i decided to wear it. This hoodie i found by myself when me and my friends shopping to thrift clothes to sell it on instagram. I pick it by my self knowing the fact that i will wearing it for sure. I love the emerald green color and the cute rudolph print. Maybe this hoodie created for christmas season. 

About the black pants, you guys already know this pants is basic piece in my clothes and i'm wearing it a LOT (i mean it). And the black sling bag have same condition with the black pants, it's a perfect combination. Black pants, black bag and you can wear any top and any shoes that you want to wear. 

Red High Top Converse, i already write the story behind this shoes in my black and turquoise outfit. But just in case you feel lazy to read it, this shoes is the one that buy when Converse had "Buy One Get One" sale. So i have two high top converse, in black and red.

So this is another post of my outfit diary, hope you can enjoy it and see you at the next post!

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