Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Outfit Diary : Yellow shoes & Yellow Pole

Hello,lovely people! I'm back with my outfit diary. Like the last outfit post, i already post this outfit on lookbook. But i'll write about the details only in my blog. So let's get it started.

First, let's talk about the black varsity jacket. It's secondhand vintage that i buy in Pare-Pare. A city in Makassar that have famous night market that sell a lot of secondhand clothes, shoes, and bag in cheap price. It take 2-3 hours from Makassar, but at that time i go with my friends only to shop. Yes,we only go to shop and this is an item that i bought. A black satin varsity jacket for women. The length of the sleeves is longer but when i wear it i always folded it so it become a normal length sleeve. I don't remember the exact price, but i think it's like Rp.20.000 (Less that $2).

The denim jeans that ripped on the knee actually a normal skinny jeans, but when i wear it, the denim jeans becomes like a legging. So i decided to ripped it on the knees. At that time, denim jeans that ripped on the knee is on trend and i don;t have any of it. So i just cut it with scissors and become a ripped knee jeans. I bought it at Pasar Terong, my favorite place to shop secondhand vintage clothes in Makassar. The price is Rp.25.000 ($2)

The yellow high top sneakers, it's from Nevada. A clothes and shoes brand in Matahari Department Store. This brand usually have discount, and i buy it at the clearance sale. As long as i can remember,the price of this shoes is like Rp.70.000 ($5) and there is another color available. It's black and there is only a few pair available and Thank God my size is available. So i buy two at once and never regret it. This is my very first yellow high top sneakers and when i wear it most people look at it. My friends reaction when i wear this shoes is "it's so you, finally we see you in yellow shoes. i wear this shoes a lot when rainy season come. The high top and the plastic material make this shoes unbeatable when rain come. I often call this type of shoes as a "rain and hurricane proof shoes".

I take this photo inside the bus. Mamminasata Bus, Busway of Makassar. When the first time i take this bus i see the color of the pole is same with my shoes. So when the next time i ride it, i make sure i wear my yellow shoes and take a picture.

So this is another post of my outfit diary, hope you can enjoy it and see you at the next post!

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