Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sometimes it’s better to standing alone

Sometimes it’s better to standing alone
No one can hurt you

You need time to set the priority.
Yes, the priority it’s yourself.
It doesn’t mean that you have to change to a selfish person.
But sometimes it’s better to standing alone.
You need time alone to re-start.
You need time alone to be yourself
Because sometimes when you’re busy living your life, you’re not yourself anymore.
You need time to think what is important.
You need to re-define yourself.
Standing alone doesn't mean you turn your back from people.
Sometimes it's better to have your "own side"
Standing alone doesn’t mean you draw a line from people
But, sometimes you have to draw a line so people don’t underestimate you.
Sometimes it’s better to standing alone
You can prove how strong you are
Strong enough to not rely “happiness” to someone
You can make yourself happy, and maybe you’re enough with it.
Standing alone is not bad at all when you feel your freedom.

Photo taken by @madina.arsan

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